Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, crackheads, whores, and crackwhores: Welcome to 3rd Nipple Tees, customized t-shirts and wearables for the depraved, the wildly offensive, and the misunderstood. Here, on our blog o’depravity, you can stay up-to-date with new product launches, funny stuff we find on the web, contests for free merch, contests for t-shirt design, and any other stuff you wanna know about. Get your freak on. With a t-shirt!

Our next design in the series is Eat Me, I’m Low Carb, which, is of course, for cannibals as well as oral sex enthusiasts…  hey, don’t judge!

Haven’t gotten any head lately?  This will totally fix that… no, really!

t shirt for men and women - Eat Me I'm Low Carb

Available in:  custom t shirt for men and women, boyshorts, and of course, a THONG:).

Now Available at in mens’ and womens’ styles.